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About us

Message from the Chief Executive

Ensuring a stable supply of high quality products allows us to respond flexibly to customer needs.

Commemorative tree planting at the Vietnam Plant July 2012

We believe that the capacity to respond flexibly to customer needs is fundamental to manufacturing. Success depends upon how quickly and accurately a company can provide customers with the products they need, and this response capacity is constantly being tested. At SHIKOKU CABLE, we make sure that we have the facilities, equipment and expertise necessary to provide stable supply in the face of sudden changes in demand. This has allowed us not only to provide consistent production quality within Japan, but also to expand our overseas bases.
SHIKOKU CABLE manufacturing bases include our plant in Sanuki City, Japan, as well as our plants in China and our new plant in Vietnam, which commenced operations in 2012. Our efficient supply system allows us to respond promptly to customer demand, and strict standards for both materials and technology in every plant ensure that all products we manufacture are top quality. We further ensure reliable quality control by posting technical experts to our overseas bases and thoroughly training local staff in quality management. Such steps are essential for satisfying the level of quality control demanded by our customers. They also represent a key strategy for producing internationally competitive products. Sending young engineers overseas to acquire experience in the field gives them an opportunity to enhance their skills and abilities and to develop the perspective they need to create high quality products that win loyal customers both at home and abroad.

We take pride in our top-quality products, which enjoy a large market share in each field

SHIKOKU CABLE products can be broadly divided into two categories: infrastructural and automotive. Our infrastructural cables are manufactured to JIS standards, which demand consistent quality control and compliance. Our automotive cables are highly rated by automobile manufacturers, both in Japan and abroad, for responding to specific client needs. We take great pride in the fact that our products have won recognition from many manufacturers and are in high demand.
All our products enjoy a large market share in their fields. Our mission is to maintain and further enhance product quality in order to compete in the international field. To this end, each engineer is involved in every stage of production from product planning and design to management and supervision of manufacturing, making it possible to grasp customer needs quickly and accurately and to respond with appropriate proposals. We will continue our pursuit of the best quality to guarantee customer satisfaction and confidence in our products.

Human resources are important assets. Employee education leads to customer satisfaction.

Human resources are extremely important in any business. In fact, it is people who make a company. The majority of our employees are in their mid-thirties. From the moment they enter SHIKOKU CABLE, they are given opportunities to acquire a wide range of experience and to broaden their perspective. Learning from one’s mistakes is the best way to grow and to acquire consideration for others. Providing an environment in which to grow is the key to developing employees as assets. For this reason, each section leader at SHIKOKU CABLE provides his or her members with guidance and support. In addition, every plant offers an improvement incentive system in which employees who propose and undertake improvements are awarded a bonus or certificate of recognition. This in turn raises employee morale.

We believe that training human resources to respond effectively to customer needs leads to customer satisfaction, and we treasure employees who are capable of providing appropriate technical solutions.

Making customer satisfaction a priority means ensuring consistent quality with minimal environmental impact

Desiring to increase customer satisfaction, SHIKOKU CABLE was quick to acquire ISO certification for both quality assurance and environmental management. We received ISO9001certification for quality in 1999 and ISO14001 certification for environmental management the following year. We also acquired certification for our plants in China and are currently preparing for certification of our new plant in Vietnam.
Although ISO certification is proof of a reliable business, we see no point in using such certification to advertise our company. Compliance with international standards should be a prerequisite of any company in dealing with its customers because poor quality results in loss of customer confidence. We see our emphasis on quality control as indispensable to our customer-company relationship.
In addition, we firmly believe that businesses have a social responsibility to protect the environment. Consideration of environmental conservation is therefore a natural part of all our business activities. Guaranteeing quality control and minimizing our impact on the environment are, in fact, essential for true customer satisfaction.

Our customers are located not only in Japan but also in Asia, North America and other regions of the world, but we respond to their diverse needs from the tranquil, rural area of Kagawa. This location is one of our distinguishing features. Blessed with such beautiful surroundings, we manufacture each product with care in order to preserve the natural environment. It is precisely this approach that results in customer confidence in our products.

May 2013
Yasuhiro Sasaki
Chief Executive